Change is necessary to evolve towards the future. Strengthening your values ​​is necessary to maintain your origins.

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Sanmarco Informatica

Changing image, changing identity: an important step, especially for a structured company with a consolidated history and many years of activity behind it. When a company decides to change its face, the first step is to search for its origins. Going towards the future means evolving, without forgetting where you started from. This is our contribution to the launch of the new image of Sanmarco Informatica.

Sanmarco Informatica

Sanmarco Informatica commissioned us to design and produce a video that could give voice to the company’s core values and that could communicate the idea of innovation and propensity towards the future, at the same time. Sooner or later, every reality has to face a process of digitalization. Sanmarco offers the tools to undertake this path, “abstract” tools that make business processes fluid and dynamic. When you want to talk about invisible and untouchable devices like software, it is not always easy to find the right way to do it. Our video is an emotional story that touches many different spheres, which speaks of growth and change energetically and dynamically. A path towards the future with a constant look towards the past. This is the way for “never forget who we are” and understand where we want to arrive.

Sanmarco Informatica

Supernoia • Concept • Art direction •  Copy • Editing • Color grading • Sound Design • Post prod.

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