Basically an editorial video. A wild story between human, plastic and sea in the Moon Valley.

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Shot magazine Valle della Luna Sardegna

This short film is our contribution to a project edited by Shot Magazine. An editorial video, a plastic story that took shape on the seashore, in a location almost out of the world, on the north coast of Sardinia. This wild and desolate place takes the name of Moon Valley, a timeless land populated by hippie families who make their homes among the rocks. If you get lost in these lunar places at sunset, you could be rescued by magical creatures. This is our way to tell the intrinsic relationship between man and landscape, an intimate, tragic and delicate love story.

Shot magazine Valle della Luna Sardegna

Not knowing what awaited us, we preferred to arrive unprepared. We didn’t want to do any storyboard, we didn’t want to build any preliminary story. So we left space to the landscape, we gave it the right time to talk about itself, without haste. While waiting for the right colors, we have collected the characteristic sounds. There are really interesting things beyond the limits imposed by the images. We intended to collect as much as possible of this silent encounter between man and nature. A mild and powerful conversation, like a whisper, in the background. 

Shot magazine Valle della Luna Sardegna

Supernoia • Concept • Art direction • DP • Shooting • Editing • Color grading • Sound Design • A project in collaboration with VHS (Prod.)  Ina Cenusa (Edit.Ph.) • Giulia Beltrame (Model) • Serena Pravato (MUA and Hairstyle)

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