“We are Italy in its most beautiful shape”.

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Spot Pasta Dalla Costa

The care for the ingredients, the joy of cooking … the time spent among passions, flavors, and memories ….  “clear days and desire for the future” …. During spring 2020, full lockdown period, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Weagroup agency at the creation of a TV commercial for Pasta Dalla Costa. This spot is a very short taste of Italian culture and passion, a conceptual recipe difficult to achieve in just 15 seconds. In a period in which the concept of home was changed, we tried to give the right flavor to everyday life.  The project took shape in a very difficult moment, in which the concept of home took on a totally different meaning, becoming the emblem of the only possible place of existence. But on the other hand, is precisely in this intimate and familiar place that the concept and the symbol of Italian pasta take shape.

Spot Pasta Dalla Costa

“O sublime Cantor di Recanati, che bestemmiando la Natura e i Fati, frugavi dentro te con raccapriccio. Ma se tu avessi amato i Maccheron più de’ libri, che fanno l’umor negro, non avresti patito aspri malanni…”.

Pasta dalla Costa Spot TV

Supernoia • Art direction • Editing • Color grading • Sound Design • Post prod. • A project in collaboration with Weagroup (comm. agency) • TamTam Studio (studio rec.) • Massimiliano Rossi (voice)

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