OMG this is ODM! A goliardic swim-beer run-beer-bike race for a tragicomic summer adventure

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Om de Mer Triathlon goliardico di Montagnana

Om de Mer is a crazy and goliardic triathlon that takes place between the historic city of Montagnana and the surrounding contexts, difficult to contain and capture in its true chaotic and folkloristic essence. To describe it in the best way, we chose to focus on the participant’s portraits: all different but all with a common trait: mustaches (to give a touch of class)!

Om de Mer Triathlon goliardico di Montagnana

This crazy tragicomic race takes hold in the territories surrounding the city of Montagnana: immense and almost forgotten countryside that surrounds the characteristic walled city. A sports and alcoholic competition that begins with a dip in the pool and ends inside the walls with a folkloric parade.

Om de Mer Triathlon goliardico di Montagnana

Supernoia Production • Concept • Art direction • DP • Shooting • Editing • Color grading  • Original music “1.800 Alarm Me” by The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches • All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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