A winter classic race for vintage bikes, among the suggestive foods and territories of northern Italy.

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Arctic recipe: 50 tons of fog, 25Kg of bike for 500 and more romantic riders, 500 eaters of tripe, pan mojo, polenta and baccalà, and assorted beers in random order, the silent Berici Hills sleeping around Lonigo. A single day of shooting is never enough to describe the beauty of our territory. Every year we try our best to tell through images about this wonderful cycling event.

L’Artica is a cycling tour for vintage bikes that winds along the roads and paths of the Berici Hills, near Vicenza, in Italy. This icy race has a peculiarity: it takes place in the cold month of January! Enthusiasm, passion, enchanting paths and delicacies are the elements that have led to its success. Born with the desire to celebrate the authentic roots of cycling, it then found its identity in the enhancement of the territory and the local eno-gastronomic sector. Over the years, the spirit of L’Artica has infected fans from all over Italy, also capturing European attention.


Supernoia Production • Concept • Art direction • DP • Motion Graphic • Shooting • Editing • Color grading  • Original music 2019 Video “Cendres” by Kai Engel | 2018 video “Stranger Things” by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon | 2017 video Supernoia • All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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