“Remember what it was like to be twenty?

…Touching the world with your bare heart.”

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Lapitec Brand Video

The brand, and therefore also the branding strategy, cannot remain unchanged over time, because markets, consumers, competitors and the products themselves change. Change the world. We have collaborated with Weagroup on the video for the new Lapitec’s identity. Lapitec is an Italian luxury brand with a refined essence and contemporary elegance. The company’s values ​​are contained in these concepts: purity, naturalness, strength and elegance. We tried to bring out these values ​​by making meticulous visual research, dosing the sensations evoked by each image, balancing the photography and building an engaging narrative track.

Lapitec Brand Video

Lapitec proposes itself as a natural alternative to marble, inventing a unique material, extremely malleable and with a contemporary design. Our desire was to create a perceptible feeling between brand, images, sounds and music. Outline a visual profile that respects the character of a brand is an extremely delicate job. The careful and balanced search for harmony releases an innate and unexpected strength, matching the vision of the brand and its new visual identity. Natural background sounds, suspended atmospheres, unveiled bodies and some fragments of wild nature combine together to create a fresh, mysterious and elegant sensation.

Lapitec Brand Video

Supernoia • Concept • Art direction •  Copy • Editing • Color grading • Sound Design • Post prod. • A project in collaboration with Weagroup (comm. agency)

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