An unexpected audiovisual project for the characteristic philharmonic theater in the heart of Saccisica.

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Invasioni Visive Teatro Filarmonico Piove di Sacco

Invasioni Visive is a video mapping project created for the philharmonic theater of Piove di Sacco, with the collaboration of Officina Della Barbabietola and Associazione Nuova Scena Saccisica. We want to discover theater through new forms of audiovisual entertainment. We have designed visual projections discordant with the character of the theater and the aesthetics of its interiors: two projectors, facing each other, cover the entire surface, involving the viewer in a strongly immersive environment. 

Invasioni Visive Teatro Filarmonico Piove di Sacco

The beautiful hall of the theater consists of the stalls and a gallery, supported by elegant cast-iron columns and bordered by a balustrade decorated on paper. The ceiling created in 1892 by the painter Giuseppe Ponga, depicts Apollo, God of music and poetry, and the muses Euterpe and Talia, accompanied by cherubs bearing scrolls with the names of the most famous composers. The presence of Apollo called for the need to develop an opposite, chaotic and deconstructing dialectic. We started with 3D scans of the environments and we reduced them to the bone, developing captivating and sometimes disturbing visual digressions. The weight of the music, the deep sounds, pull the strings of the entire project giving it an enveloping body. The audiovisual performance takes shape within a project for the revaluation of the territory and the cultural heritage of Saccisica, realized thanks to the support of Fai Giovani – Padova and the contribution of POR – FESR 2014 – 2020 Regione Veneto.

Invasioni Visive Teatro Filarmonico Piove di Sacco

Supernoia Production • Concept • Art direction • R&D • Laser scanning • 3D • Editing • Color grading  • Original Video Teaser music “Как проснёшься, …” by Kosta T. • All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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