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On the occasion of SIGEP 2020 (International Exhibition of Gelato, Pastry, Artisan Bakery and Coffee) we had the opportunity to create a video project for Forno D’Asolo, an Italian company that produces and sells sweet and savory frozen bakery products for world professionals catering.
In collaboration with Weagroup agency, we have made a video that tells the essence of the company and enhances the quality and fragrance of the products.

The aim of the project was to show Forno d’Asolo’s extensive assortment catalog, associating an animated graphic format to the images of the products, ingredients and recipes. We have designed and developed graphic animations that illustrate the various product categories and show in a clear and concise way the actual range of possibilities offered by Forno d’Asolo, matching the graphic style to the new visual identity of the brand.

The video, created and conceived specifically as an integral part of the exhibition stand inside the Sigep 2020, was hosted on a modestly sized LED screen: 9 x 1.5 meters. This somewhat unusual format has sanctioned and determined the character of the whole project, leading us to think a lot about the choice of images and the cut to give to the photography. In the video, ingredients, croissants, focaccias, landscapes, people and recipes follow each other, creating a soft and fragrant tale, a story that originated in the hills of Asolo in 1985.

Forno d'Asolo Stand Sigep 2020
Forno d'Asolo Stand Sigep 2020

Supernoia • Concept • Art direction • Motion graphic • Editing • Color grading • Sound Design • Post prod. • A project in collaboration with Weagroup (comm. agency)

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