A Venice story that tells of a hotel that romantically overlooks the Rio at the Doge’s Palace, just a few steps from the Bridge of Sighs.

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Hotel Donà Palace Venezia

Each context has its own rhythm, its own dynamics, its everyday life. A hotel never stops, it is in constant motion, it must always look its best, even if it has the honor of residing in one of the most symbolic and emblematic cities in the world: Venice. It is not easy to move inside a hotel without stumbling into its rhythms. It is not easy to move around Venice without being swept away by swarms of tourists. If you are lucky though you will find curious details and improbable views.

Hotel Donà Palace Venezia
Hotel Donà Palace Venezia

Supernoia Production • Concept • Art direction • DP • Shooting • Editing • Color grading  • Sound Design

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