The real world reinterpreted in millions of points through the analytical vision of a laser scanner and a good dose of aesthetic sensibility: this is “Cloud”.

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Cloud 3D Scan Digital reality

Cloud is an experimental self-project that takes shape from a much larger and more complex digitalization of some experimental rooms for the Legnaro National Laboratories (Padova, Italy). The attempt to speak reality through its ephemeral representation. Thanks to laser scanning technology we were able to capture an instant, transforming it into a story, animated by millions of points that form complex structures: “Reality”. 

Cloud 3D Scan Digital reality

Our vision is essential, sparse, fragmented. Each place is shown through a digital sequence of empty and full, a binary code that results in a deconstructed and partial visual representation. In these immobile places full of still lifes, we can find some ghostly shape, a form of the now consolidated coexistence between real and digital, between man and technology.

Cloud 3D Scan Digital reality

Supernoia Production • Concept • Art direction • Editing • Color grading  • Laser Scanner Leica BLK 360 • Original music “Are We”  (Stepwalker Remix) by Balkansky • All rights reserved to their respective owners.

© 2020 by Supernoia. All Rights Reserved.

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